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Working with my life coach has been truly transformative. Their guidance has helped me overcome obstacles, set clear goals, and step into my full potential. I'm grateful for their unwavering support on this journey of personal growth and success.


- Pete C / St. Augustine, FL

"Dean helped me find the simplicity in the chaos"


Before I started working with Dean, I was lost. Life had thrown me a series of curveballs and I didn't know how to cope. I felt like I had lost myself and my purpose.


Dean changed everything for me. He helped me see that I could be a better version of myself, not the person I used to be. He showed me how to embrace change, take charge of my future, and live with gratitude. He was patient, supportive, and inspiring every step of the way.


Thanks to Dean, I have a new outlook on life. I have a job that I love, a daughter that I adore, and a friend that I cherish. Dean is more than a life coach, he is a miracle worker. I can't thank him enough for what he has done for me and my family.


God bless you, Dean, and your wonderful wife. You have a gift for helping people and I hope you never stop.



"No longer overwhelmed and it seems so simple now"

~ Eddie Vedder

Dave B

- SouthSide

Please take this testimonial as my empassioned effort to help others find their light and thrive again. I went through some pretty serious things and am a 9 year 'veteran' of the mental health services industry.


I cant say it any more eloquently or clearly. This guy is a professional at every single level. Dean is the kind of person you simply just end up admiring. He's the kind of person no matter who or what you are, you feel seen, heard, and most importantly understood. Best of all his methodologies are top tier. I'm talking scientifically proven results and comprehensive coverage not just some motivation or inspiration to knock chores out.


Coming into this my expectation was a grueling marathon of suffering and commitments to finally address problems in my life. Couldnt have been more wrong. I feel like he barely made me break a sweat. Yet I took control of a drug abuse problem, completely turned my personal life and fitness around, am thriving in my career, and am generally what I consider the best 'me' I've ever been. I know it sounds hyperbolic to say all that but you'll see why yourself when it starts happening to you. I was prepared to do much harsher things to accomplish my goals. 


Please help yourself and leverage this service. You're going to come away from this with more than just your goals being met. You're going to come away with some of your most powerful life skills and invaluable wisdom about both life and your own self. 

Michael S.

Dean has played an instrumental role in my journey, both during my time in the military and in my transition to civilian life and business endeavors. His extensive perspective and unwavering dedication have been invaluable. Dean’s approach is not only encouraging but also genuinely uplifting, providing support that transcends mere coaching. His impact on my personal goals has been profound, and for that, I am immensely grateful. Thank you, Dean, for your exceptional guidance and support!

Knute F.

Dean is an excellent communicator and has an innate ability to connect with those around him, getting to the core of their why, and assisting in guiding them in a positive direction. There is a genuine caring approach in such encounters, and a clear path set forth in how to handle whatever affairs are at hand. I highly recommend Dean for anybody looking for someone to have in their corner, as you will not only have someone to coach you, but also gain a friend in the process.

Vince P


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